She is one of the biggest legends to ever grace the big screen, but while Judy Garland was a mega-star during her peak, she also had numerous husbands in her corner through it all — including Sid Luft, who she was married to for 13 years.

The Wizard of Oz star and the business man tied the knot in 1952. They would split in 1965, but not before having two children — Lorna and Joseph. The pair had a rollercoaster of a relationship, as they found themselves butting heads quite often. “They loved each other and had a real bond, but their relationship could be volatile because my dad had a temper and wouldn’t say no … and she had a temper and wouldn’t say no. So that got interesting!” the pair’s only daughter, 66, once exclusively told Closer Weekly.

Judy Garland

However, “My father was like a tough guy out of Guys and Dolls, and my mother felt that was a lot of fun,” Lorna added. While we know the bright star that Judy was, what was Sid all about?

Who is Sid?

Sid was born on November 2, 1952, in New York City, to Leonora Meyers and Norbert Luft.

What did he do?

Before he found himself in Hollywood, Sid was not only an amateur boxer, but he also worked as a test pilot at Douglas Aircraft Company. Later on, Sid would work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry — he even worked with his wife, obtaining a producer credit in her 1954 classic, A Star Is Born.

Judy Garland Sid Luft
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Was he married?

Before tying the knot with the Oscar nominee, Sid was married twice. He said I do to actress Marylou Simpson in 1940, and then walked down the aisle with another actress, Lynn Bari in 1943. The pair would have one child, a son named John, in 1948. That wasn’t it for Sid in the marriage department after he parted from Judy.

In 1970 he would marry again to Patti Hemingway, and in 1993 he would become a husband for a fifth and final time to Camille Keaton.

How did he pass?

In 1995. while still married to his fifth wife, Sid would suffer a heart attack in Santa Monica and die. He was 89-years-old. However, while their marriage was quite rough, Sid and Judy will always be remembered as a power couple. “They had a great respect and love for each other. He really did cherish her talent and helped her achieve a lot of great things through that partnership,” Stephen Kijak — who directed Sid & Judy — told Closer.

The Showtime documentary Sid & Judy will air October 18 at 8:05 p.m. EST.