Not only is Betty White one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood, she’s one of the funniest ones, too! She’s been around for a very long time, so fans are curious about her health, career, love life, and more! Scroll down to get all your questions answered.

Who was Betty White married to?

Betty has had quite the extensive love life with three different husbands! Back in 1945, she married her first husband, Dick Barker, but they divorced that same year. He was a US Army Air Corps pilot. Two years later, she tied the knot with her second husband, Lane Allen, who was a Hollywood agent. They split in 1949. In an interview with New You, Betty opened up about her first two marriages. “I wish I didn’t have two bad marriages. They were probably my fault,” she said.

Her third and final marriage was to game show host Allen Ludden. They married in 1963 and remained together until his unfortunate passing from stomach cancer in 1981. We have a feeling if he were still alive, they’d be together today. “Once you’ve had the best, who needs the rest?” Betty has said of their romance. She never remarried.

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Betty and Allen.

Does Betty White have kids?

While Betty never had any biological kids of her own, she’s a stepmother to Allen’s three kids from his previous marriage.

Where is Betty White from?

Betty was born in Oak Park, IL, however, her family eventually moved to Alhambra, CA and then LA, where she attended high school in Beverly Hills.

How old is Betty White?

Believe it or not, Betty is 95 years old! She was born on Jan. 17, 1922, so she will be 96 years old at the beginning of 2018.

Is Betty White older than sliced bread?

Yes, she is! Betty was born in 1922 and sliced bread was invented in 1928, so she was six years old when it came out. We wonder what it was like for her to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with it for the first time…

What movies has Betty White been in?

Betty’s acting portfolio includes movies The Proposal, You Again, The Lost Valentine, Bringing Down the House, Annie’s Point, Love N’ Dancing, The Third Wish, and more!

Is Betty White ill?

At 95 years old, Betty is doing better than ever! “I keep thinking, ‘Betty, you’re 95 years old,'” she told Yahoo‘s Katie Couric. “I’m so blessed with good health and faculties and I’ve got memories and all that. You can’t really expect that at 95.” She joked, “You think you’ll fade off into the sunset. Well, the sun sets every night, but I just won’t go away.” She also has a light workout regimen and has no plans to retire anytime soon!

Is Betty White vegan?

It doesn’t seem so! A friend of hers previously revealed to Closer Weekly that the star’s secret to good health is hot dogs and vodka!