Do you wish Property Brothers would come to a town near you? Fans love to tune in to the popular HGTV series, but many want to know: where is it filmed?

“Every three months were in a different city,” Jonathan Scott told Closer Weekly in a new exclusive interview.

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Seasons 1 and 2 of the series were filmed in Toronto, followed by Austin for Seasons 3 and 4, Vancouver for Season 5, Atlanta for Season 6, Toronto for Season 7, and the past three seasons in Westchester County. And the brothers just finished filming Season 11 in a very special place!

“We just wrapped filming three months of Property Brothers in Nashville,” Jonathan revealed. “We did 17 houses there it was incredible. Those episodes are coming up soon.”

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Turns out, Nashville has even been their favorite destination thus far! “Nashville was so much fun, we have friends there, the music vibes. It’s not just the country music vibe, it’s the music vibe in general. A lot of fun. And just the personalities, everyone is so warm and friendly,” Jonathan’s twin brother, Drew Scott, told Closer. Jonathan added, “The food. Not necessarily the most healthy, but definitely delicious!”

The TV personalities continued to open about where they have a desire to film in the future — and shared that the viewers actually have a lot to do with their decision! “We almost filmed in Jersey because we filmed two seasons in New York and Connecticut so we were going to do Long Island, NY and Jersey,” Jonathan said. “It all comes down to proximity and we like to have diversity in who’s applying like some first-time buyers, some empty nesters, things like that. We try to mix it up to different places.”

“Chicago, Detroit, there are so many different areas that have been on the market,” Drew added before telling their fans how to get their voice heard by them.

“What we tell people is go on social media and tag HGTV and us as well and tell us where you want to see us because we actually do listen,” the 38-year-old shared with Closer. “That’s why we’ve been to Texas twice, because we had this huge Texan following that has been saying ‘come down here, film here.'”

We’ve got to go now, we’re writing to Drew and Jonathan to film near us!