Seems like that “que sera, sera” approach to life has done wonders for Doris Day! We don’t see much of the Hollywood icon these days, but don’t take that as a sign that she’s not doing well. In fact, as she approaches a century old, she is thriving! The actress and singer celebrated a major milestone birthday this year, reminding fans of her early work — like films Pillow Talk and Calamity Jane — that she hasn’t gone anywhere. Doris hasn’t appeared on-screen in decades, but she has a very full life away from the public eye. It’s about time we checked in with the beloved icon and how she’s been doing. Read on to find out what Doris is up to now!

Doris only recently learned her true age!

Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff was born on April 3, 1922, in Cincinnati, OH, to a housewife and a music teacher — both children of German immigrants. The Hollywood legend, who turned 95 years young in 2017, only learned of her real birthday when the press found her birth certificate, revealing she’s two years older than she previously thought!

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After many husbands, she’s happy living alone

Doris has been married four times! Her first marriage was from 1941 to 1943 to trombonist Al Jorden, who tragically committed suicide in 1967. Not long after, she tied the knot with saxophonist George Weidler, but they split after three years of marriage in 1949. Her third husband was film producer Martin Melcher, and the two were happy together from 1951 until his death in 1968. After nine years alone, Doris wed Barry Comden, a much-younger businessman and restaurateur, but they couldn’t overcome their age difference, and they split in 1981.

She’s called the same place home for 36 years

In the mid-1970s, Doris and then-husband Barry bought 11 acres overlooking the Quail Lodge and Golf Course in Carmel, CA. Their marriage didn’t last, but she did build her dream home, complete with antiques, china, crystal, and silver, huge rock fireplaces, and the spiral staircase from The Doris Day Show. She’s lived there since 1981 and is known to pop into the nearby Cypress Inn, of which she is a co-owner.

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She misses her son dearly

In 1942, Doris and Al Jorden welcomed her first and only child, son Terrence Paul Jorden — later known as Terry Melcher (after his stepfather). Terry was a musician and record producer that had a major hand in the California Sound and folk-rock movements of the 1960s. He also produced several singles for the Beach Boys in the 1980s and the 1990s, including “Kokomo.” He passed away from melanoma in 2004, at just 62 years old.

She’s healthier than some people half her age

Doris noted that she’s always been “blessed with good health,” thanks to an active lifestyle into her golden years. “Doris is in great health and we now learn she’s even closer to being a centenarian. I will not be at all surprised if we’re celebrating her 100th in five more years,” her publicist Charley Cullen Walters gushed on her April 2017 birthday.

She doesn’t work much anymore — but she doesn’t have to

Though she hasn’t acted since the 1970s, Doris still had a prolific 25-year film career prior to that, and she’s continued releasing music. As of 2017, Celebrity Net Worth lists her net worth at a whopping $200 million.