We’re so sorry to hear this. After years of reportedly suffering from ill-health, British TV star Dale Winton sadly died in his home at age 62 on Wednesday, April 18, his longtime agent confirmed “with great sadness” to The Guardian. “While we know many will share this terrible loss, we ask that you respect the family’s privacy at this time of grief,” Jan Kennedy said in a statement.

In the years prior to his passing, Dale — who was most known for hosting the UK versions of Supermarket Sweep and In It To Win It — privately battled health issues and kept details of his condition from fans. Until 2015, Dale was all over British television, but when he disappeared (and even missed the funeral of his best friend and fellow TV presenter Cilla Black) fans understandably grew concerned.

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Dale in 2016. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Until recently, Dale’s last on-screen appearance was a 2016 episode of the British talk show Loose Women, during which he revealed his battle with depression and alluded to other health issues. At the time, he said a recent, bad breakup only made his mental health worse. “I should have taken myself off the TV, but I didn’t. Listen, there are worse things in the world, but I had depression and I didn’t realize. I always thought, ‘Get over yourself.’ But my mum died of it. It exists, and anybody out there who has had it knows it exists. I didn’t want to put one foot in front of the other but for a couple of really good friends… I wanted to withdraw but you know what this business is like. I didn’t look great.”

Dale’s life had been particularly hard, even before his final years. His father, Gary Winton, died when he was just 13 years old and as he once said, his mother, actress Sheree Winton, died by suicide after her own battle with clinical depression. But the star hadn’t let those personal tragedies hinder his showbiz ambitions. In addition to his job hosting Supermarket Sweep, he also presented the popular game show Hole in the Wall and starred on the TV travelogue Florida Fly Drive. Our thoughts are with Dale’s family and friends during this difficult time.