The Roseanne revival undid many of the controversial plot twists of the 1997 series finale — like resurrecting family patriarch Dan Conner from the dead, for example. But what happened to Darlene Conner and David Healy's baby, aka Dan and Roseanne Conner's granddaughter? That Season 9 finale erased Darlene and David's whole relationship, but now in Season 10, that twist has also been reversed, and little Harris Conner-Healy isn't so little anymore!

The Season 10 premiere wasn't the first time Harris made comeback. She was born prematurely in Season 9, and doctors didn't expect her to survive. Survive she did, however, and now she's living with her grandparents along with mom Darlene, who recently lost her job on the new reboot show. Harris, played by Shameless star Emma Kenney, is 14 years old now, even though Season 10 takes place 20 years after Season 9. (Eh, television math!) But she's a precocious 14, eager to rise above her family's working-class existence.

Oh, and Harris is a big sister, too. Turns out, Darlene and David had another child, a son they named Mark Healy (after the late husband of Darlene's older sister, Becky Conner). Mark is eight, but he's already exploring his identity as a gender-nonconformist. "He just likes wearing [traditionally-female clothing], and that's where he is at this point in his life," Roseanne star and executive producer Sara Gilbert recently told Entertainment Weekly. ("I play Mark as a normal kid, and that's who he is," actor Ames McNamara said on Good Morning America. "And the girls' clothes are just a small part of it.")

So now the only question is, will Harris and Mark's father come back for good? During a recent episode, Darlene's husband David Healy (played by Johnny Galecki) returned — and we got an inside look at their split. "When I left you and the kids, I rationalized that it was OK because I was helping people," David said to Darlene of his new job building houses for poor people in other countries. "The truth is? I left because my brother died and I was overwhelmed with all the responsibility and I just ran. When I was out there, I was ashamed."

He then broke the news to Darlene that he met someone else, but by the middle-end of the episode, they were talking about reconciling. That said, even though Johnny said he'll only come back for one episode, we still have no idea what's next for the couple. Keep tuning into ABC on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST, people — answers are coming!