This woman may have won the worst prize in The Price is Right history!

While appearing on Monday’s episode of the popular gameshow, contestant Danielle Perez was awarded a treadmill — which would have been great, except Danielle is in a wheelchair.

Though the cringeworthy TV moment has garnered a ton of attention on social media, Danielle — who lost her legs in a 2004 accident — has been a great sport about the prize and even called the gaffe “funny.”


“It was funny because the audience got a little quiet. Like you could feel the audience go, ‘Wait a minute, that is not appropriate,'” Danielle said in a new interview.

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“It was so funny. I had such a good time [on the show]. I was like, yes I want it! I don’t need it at all! But I want it… I’m really excited,” she told ‘Complex‘ of winning the treadmill.

'the price is right'

Danielle with host Drew Carrey on ‘The Price is Right.’

Thankfully, Danielle revealed the exercise equipment wasn’t the only prize she won. She also took home a sauna, an iPad and a Nike fitness armband.

After the show, the comedienne took to her Twitter page to again make light of the situation. “I won the treadmill and have been straight popping wheelies all morning,” she wrote in one tweet, to which ‘Price is Right’ host Drew Carrey responded, “Love you.”