It’s time to break out the stretchy pants and baggy sweaters because the holiday season is just around the corner! Once the air turns cool and the pumpkins go out on the front stoop, we know we need to get our shopping lists together — and get ready to brave the mall madness.

The smart people who plan in advance won’t have to worry about store hours this Thanksgiving and Christmas. But not all of us are as wise or organized as those folks. Luckily, for the procrastinators — who don’t even have a couple of days for an Amazon Prime delivery — you can always turn to Walmart. Read on for when the superstore will be open this festive season.

When will Walmart open on Thanksgiving?

On Turkey Day, the big box store will be open, but it will have limited hours, so you’ll still be stuck watching football and chatting with your extended family for a bit. You can get a jump on Black Friday shoppers when the store opens at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving night.

What are their Black Friday hours?

After the 6 p.m. opening on Thanksgiving, Walmart remains open through the night and throughout Friday. Some locations may vary, so for your local store, hit up the Walmart store locator tool.

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Will Walmart be open on Christmas Eve?

If you don’t manage to make it to the store in the following few weeks, you’ll only have until 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve to pick up that blender for your mom or Lego set for your niece. After that, you’re officially out of luck.

What are their Christmas Day hours?

If you don’t get to Walmart before dinnertime on Christmas Eve, you should start writing some nice cards and “IOU” coupons. Christmas Day is the only major holiday the store is officially closed.