Fact: Vanna White is making some serious cash! Not only does she have a salary we’re seriously jealous of, but her net worth has skyrocketed since joining Wheel of Fortune in 1982.

To date, the 62-year-old has spun letters on the game show for more than 6,000 episodes and has worn more than 5,700 gowns on TV. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Vanna is valued at $70 million and is making a high salary of $10 million per year. Are you jealous yet?

Vanna got her TV debut in June 1980 on The Price Is Right. Even though she didn’t show up on the game show as a hostess, Vanna still appeared as one of the contestants who made it to “Contestants’ Row.” During that time, the series’ longest-running host Bob Barker was the life of the program, until he retired in 2007 and was replaced by comedian Drew Carey.

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In the early ’80s, Vanna got the Wheel of Fortune gig once hostess Susan Stafford left the show. Shortly after Susan’s departure, the producers decided to replace her with Vanna, who was one of their best substitute hostesses at the time. Vanna did such an amazing job on the entertainment program that she was given a full-time gig after just three months of filling in.

Even though Vanna has a very impressive salary, cohost Pat Sajak makes $15 million per year and has a net worth of $65 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Together, they’ve changed how game shows and the entertainment industry, taking Hollywood by storm.

Wheel of Fortune
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When you tune in to watch Wheel of Fortune it’s always great to see Pat and Vanna interacting with each other. They’re so entertaining, but our favorite part will always be the moment the South Carolina native shows up in an extraordinary dress and spins those letters.

Keep up the good work, girl.