A year after Valerie Harper announced she had terminal brain cancer, the beloved Rhoda star is being sued, accused of withholding the diagnosis from her former employer.

Playwright Matthew Lombardo and the producers of Looped have filed a suit against Valerie and her husband, Tony Cacciotti, alleging the pair failed to disclose the actress’ cancer diagnosis until after she signed on to star in the play.

The lawsuit claims producers lost out on $500,000 after Valerie dropped out last January due to her declining health. They are seeking the $500,000 plus an additional $1.5 million for being misled.

valerie harper

Harper during opening night of Looped

Producers apparently noticed something was wrong with the star when she began slurring her words and forgetting her lines during rehearsal. “The side of my face started to feel kind of numb. I was slurring my speech,” Valerie told the New Yorker at the time.

In March, she revealed she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and given only months to live.

The suit is a counterclaim to one filed by the Dancing with the Stars alum, in which she claims Lombardo failed to pay her for the remainder of her contract.