Not only is Valerie Harper‘s family rallying around the star in the midst of her cancer battle, but her fans are doing so too! On Monday, July 8, Valerie’s longtime husband, Tony Cacciotti, started a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for his wife who’s currently undergoing some very expensive treatments.

“Valerie is currently taking a multitude of medications and chemotherapy drugs as well as going through extreme physical and painful challenges now with around the clock, 24/7 care immediately needed, which is not covered by insurance,” the star’s GoFundMe page reads. “This is just part of the daily cost that is without a doubt a financial burden that could never be met alone. This GoFundMe initiative from Tony, is to ensure she receives the best care possible.”

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In 2013, Valerie was diagnosed with a very rare form of brain cancer, and during that time, doctors told her she only had three months to live.

“Every five minutes, every hour, every day, every year that you waste worrying about your cancer — you have forfeited time that you could have been alive having fun,” Valerie explained to Closer Weekly about her disease in 2015.

Then in 2017, she did an interview with People about what it’s like to beat lung cancer in 2009 to learn she’s been diagnosed with another form of cancer only years later. “I’m still here,” she said at the time. “I still have cancer, but I’m OK and most of my days are good.”

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After playing Rhoda Morgenstern in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Valerie’s fans have been steadily following her career. According to her GoFundMe page, Valerie’s been “enjoying each day years beyond what doctors had expected. Her husband, Tony Cacciotti, has been by her side giving her support and hope every step of the way.”

Valerie is one strong lady!