"I'm Happy Today"Valerie Bertinelli Opens Up About Her Weight Loss Struggles

You go, girl!

Eight years after Valerie Bertinelli wowed her fans by debuting her 40-pound weight loss, the 55-year-old actress’ figure is again sparking headlines — but this time, it’s for her recent weight gain.

valerie bertinelli (getty)

Valerie in 2003 (left) and 2015 (right).

But Valerie — who now has her own Food Network show called Valerie’s Home Cooking — has decided to stop obsessing over the numbers on her scale, and is instead paying more attention to how she feels on the inside.

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“Do I want my jeans to be a little looser? Hell yeah!” she told Entertainment Tonight in a new interview. “But I’m happy today.”

Click through the gallery below to see Valerie’s weight loss transformation through the years!