Though it’s only been a few days since Kate Middleton announced to the world that she’s pregnant with her third child, royal fans are already atwitter with baby name predictions. In fact, people are already putting money on potential monikers including Prince Arthur, Princess Alice, Prince Albert, and Princess Victoria, just to name a few. But while everyone tries to guess what Kate and Prince William will name their newest addition, we’re taking a look at the most unlikely royal baby names and why the couple won’t choose them.

First, Kate and Will, both 35, basically must choose a very traditional name for their newest baby with bonus points if the moniker has royal roots. So, the UK’s trendiest names of 2017 like Isabella, Olivia, Emma, Ava, Noah, Oliver, Jack, and Charlie are unfortunately off the table. Though many would love for the couple to give their third child — if its a girl! — the name Diana to honor William’s late mother, Princess Diana, royal expert Ingrid Seward revealed the moniker would put “too much pressure” on the little one.

“Not as a first name… I just feel like it might be too much pressure. Naming your child after a parent that died in such a dramatic way might be a little bit unfair. For someone as iconic as Diana. I think it’s probably very difficult to try and recreate that — and you are always going to be compared, which is unfair,” Seward once said. Of course, Kate and William ended up using Diana as a middle name for their second child, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

According to The Telegraph, the most unlikely royal baby name is surprisingly John. Despite Will and Kate’s firstborn, son Prince George Alexander Louis, being named after another English monarch, King John — who held the throne from 1199 until his death in 1216 — basically tainted the name John for any future royal baby. “He holds by far the strongest claim to being England’s worst ever monarch… [Though] the name John was so debased by its only regal bearer, it’ll highly doubtful it can ever be redeemed,” journalist Mike Wright wrote. Who knew?!

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While we still have around six months until the new royal baby is expected to arrive — William just accidentally revealed Kate’s March 2018 due date! — the world will surely try to predict George and Charlotte’s sibling’s name every day until his or her birth. We can’t wait to meet the little one next year!

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