We’d love to be a fly on the wall for this one! We’ve been wondering if the twins of Monaco, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, have plans for a playdate with Prince George and Princess Charlotte since their schedules are more packed than the average celebrity. And in a new interview, their father, Prince Albert, really got our hopes up for a royal get-together of the century!

When speaking about a future function with the royal kids to People, he shared, “Are you asking me about a royal play date with Will and Kate’s kids? Maybe, but a state visit with the twins to any country— not just the UK —is a few years off.” We’re happy to wait!

Gabriella and Jacques wouldn’t be the first celebrity kids to hang with George and Charlotte! In a previous interview, Ben Affleck revealed his son, Samuel, once had an unplanned playdate with the royal duo!

“It rains a lot in London… so they have those indoor play parks. So I took my son to one of those… and I get in there and I get this weird, stiff vibe and there’s all these guys in there [wearing] suits. [So I think], ‘Oh, it’s dad’s day at the Gymboree!'” Ben began. “It turned out they were security guards and the kids who were playing in there were the royal kids. So I can tell my son [one day] he played kickball with the King of England!” Casual…

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We’re sure George and Charlotte are super fun to play with. During the royal family’s tour to Canda last year, the brother and sister adorably played with balloons and bubbles, rode horses, and made a bunch of new friends. And we bet with George in school full time now, Kate and William are likely setting up so many playdates for him! We’ll just be here waiting for pics.