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Stories Behind TV’s Top Commercial Pitchmen — From Colonel Sanders to Mr. Whipple and More

It seems like every time you turn on your television, there’s a new commercial advertising a product or food joint. While viewers wish they could skip through the advertisements half of the time, top commercial pitchmen like Colonel Sanders, Mr. Whipple and more added entertainment to our TV screens.

Back in the days, you couldn’t help your rumbling stomach when Colonel Sanders appeared on the television with his scrumptious Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe. As for Mr. Whipple, he reminded TV fans when it was time to pick up a new package of toilet paper.

But while entertainment has completely changed throughout the last few decades, we can’t help but wonder where these TV stars’ careers had taken them.

Scroll through the gallery below to hear stories from Colonel Sanders, Mr. Whipple and more!