Tony Danza is as devoted to his former Who’s the Boss? daughter Alyssa Milano today as he was when he played her dad back in the ‘80s!

“She’s such a good kid — I love her so much,” Tony, 62, recently told Closer about the 41-year-old actress, with whom he still keeps in touch.

“When I think about that little 10-year-old I met so many years ago and I see her now, it just blows my mind!”

tony danza

The fact Alyssa has a child of her own — 2-year-old son Milo — and another baby on the way stuns him even more. But he assures us Alyssa has it under control.

“She puts her time in. She gives all of herself,” Tony raves, adding she’s never asked him for any parenting advice. “And I don’t offer it,” jokes the dad-of-four. “I’ve got my own problems. I’ve got my own kids!”

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So what does “Uncle Tony” plan to get Alyssa’s second child? “I’m big on buying blankets,” the actor hints.