In the 20 years The View has been on the air, the daytime talk show has become a staple of nonstop controversy. From sudden firings to reported fights amongst the cast, these days the behind-the-scenes drama has overshadowed the show itself. But with so many co-hosts coming and going, and with so many unconfirmed rumors spreading about alleged feuds, it can be confusing trying to figure out who reportedly hates whom.

Fortunately, we created this handy guide to give you a comprehensive look at every feud that’s been on The View. From the first firing to Rosie O’Donnell’s shouting matches with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, here’s your chance to get caught up on all the in-fighting.

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the view cast infographic feuds

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In addition to the feuds featured in the infographic, there are several rumored feuds that have not been confirmed and, thus, could not be included in the graphic above. A few of those reported fights include Whoopi vs. Paula Faris. Paula joined the cast as co-host in 2015, but after several months on the job, her position was cut down from five days to just one. The Daily Mail reported that Whoopi was the one behind Paula’s demotion, a fact that Whoopi strongly denied on her Twitter account.

Another feud we didn’t include was Whoopi vs. Joy. A report, also published in The Daily Mail, claimed Whoopi felt threatened by Joy and assumed Joy was coming for her moderator seat. Neither Whoopi nor Joy have confirmed or denied this.

But perhaps one of the biggest fights of all might be the co-hosts vs. the ABC executives. In 2016, Barbara accused producers of “ruining” the show with poor casting and poor leadership. Since Barbara stepped down as producer in 2014, the show has had a revolving door of co-hosts, most of which were fired after only a season or two. Former co-host Nicolle Wallace even said she didn’t even know about her eliminated position until she read about it in Variety!

But despite all the drama and uncertainty of the show’s future, you have to admit — it’s all endlessly entertaining.