On June 13, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson, the ex-wife of O.J. Simpson, was found murdered along with her friend Ron Goldman outside her home in Calif.

Their deaths kicked off what many call “the trial of the century,” and though it’s been 20 years since the sensational white Bronco chase through the streets of Los Angeles, Ron’s father, Fred Goldman, feels like it was only yesterday.

“The loss is exactly the same,” Fred said during an appearance on The Today Show with daughter Kim Goldman. “Nothing has changed.”

nicole brown simpson

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were found murdered in June 1994

Despite what prosecutors called a strong case against the former pro football player, claiming to have “a mountain of DNA evidence,” O.J. was found “not guilty” after an eight-month trial that had America hooked.

Kim remembers that moment all too clearly as she’s shown a photo of her tear-stained face after the verdict is read.

“I look at that picture and it makes me so sad because, you know, the sadness on that girl’s face,” she explained.

fred goldman

Fred and Kim Goldman shortly after Ron’s death

“I don’t feel like I’m her anymore. I still carry that angst and that grief with me, but I walk with a little bit more composure now…”

Kim, the youngest child in the Goldman family, described how she went about reclaiming her life after her big brother’s death.

“I had to find what was important to me again,” she told Matt Lauer. “After my brother died, I didn’t know what that was because everything shifted and I was lost for a really long time.”

oj simpson

O.J.’s white Ford Bronco which led police on a chase through L.A.

Fred said he has come to find “a new normal, minus my son” and still grieves over the loss.

“The opportunity to share his life with him, his joys, his happinesses, his successes…all of that is gone.”

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