If the love that Terri Irwin has for her late husband, Steve Irwin, isn’t true, then we honestly don’t know what is. More than 12 years after the world lost the beloved “Crocodile Hunter” in a tragic accident, Terri has revealed that she still constantly misses her spouse and the father of her two children. “I always wish Steve was here, but I do feel he’s watching over us,” Terri, 54, recently told the UK’s Closer magazine.

Terri met Steve in 1991 when she was visiting a small wildlife park in Australia that Steve happened to be managing at the time. The couple described their encounter as “love at first sight” and the animal-rescuing duo later got married in 1992. “If I hadn’t met Steve, I’d never have married,” Terri told Closer UK. “I’m content with myself and what I’ve got going on with my life. But I do think that it’s amazing when people have loved before and get the opportunity to love again.”

When then asked if she might find love again, Terri replied, “That’s really beautiful. Will it be me? I don’t know, I’m not really looking. I miss Steve, but I’m content.”

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Terri also admitted that she is fulfilled because if it wasn’t for Steve, she wouldn’t have her two children, Bindi Irwin, 20, and Robert Irwin, 14. “I have two awesome kids. They’re so passionate about carrying on Steve’s conservation work, I can’t imagine them doing anything else. At first, I’d wish Steve was here and that he could do this better, but now, it’s becoming more special and another way to honor what he has done,” she said of her family.

Luckily for Terri, she can see Steve in her children every day. “I hope he’d be proud of them. Robert is exactly like his dad, physically and in his mannerisms. And when I watch him talk, so much of what he does is like Steve. Bindi is a tender soul, but is up for anything and is a stack of fun,” she revealed.

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Today, the Irwin family continues to keep Steve’s legacy alive and is doing so with a return to TV for the new Animal Planet series Crikey! It’s the Irwins. “He always said to treat animals the way you’d want to be treated,” Robert, 14, exclusively told Closer Weekly in a previous interview of the lessons that Steve taught their family. “That’s always stayed with us. Of course, that’s applicable to people as well.”

Bindi also shared with Closer that her late father always wanted her and Robert to follow their passions. “Dad always encouraged us to do what we love,” she said. We can’t wait to see how the trio keeps Steve’s incredible legacy alive through their new show!