Less than a week after Thelma & Louise fans went nuts over a reunion between the film’s stars, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis, Louise herself is opening up about the possibility of a sequel!

But for readers who’ve seen the 1991 flick, we bet you can understand the 67-year-old’s hesitations!

“I’d love to work with [Geena] again,” Susan shared after their selfie went viral.

susan sarandon


“They had kind of knocked around ideas for a sequel for Thelma & Louise but they were so ridiculous. I remember saying, ‘What would we do?’ And they said, ‘You’d collect a big check!'”

But Susan said she isn’t interested in making a movie just for the cash. “I don’t know how you would resurrect them. I mean, I love Geena. It was great to see her. We had a nice day together. But at the moment I don’t know what that would be,” she admitted.

“It would have to be something sitting down because when we stand up she’s a foot taller than I am. That’s why the car [in the film] worked because we were kind of on the same level sitting in it,” the actress joked. “I’m shrinking and she’s still 6-foot-1.”

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Though we’d love to see these two on the big screen again, we agree with Susan. There would have to be a pretty ingenious plot to make this sequel work!