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Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis Reunite Almost 3 Decades Since ‘Thelma & Louise’ Was Released

What a journey! Back in 1991, a little film known as Thelma & Louise was released and made even bigger stars of Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon — and the famous duo recently crossed paths again almost 30 years since the film was released.

Geena, 64, and Susan, 73, joined forces to celebrate the classic film on Tuesday, January 28, at the Museum of Modern Art’s Women In Motion screening of the movie in New York City. The plot features both stars heading out on a road trip while finding themselves in a crime spree. The duo reeled in Oscar nominations for their performances in the film.

“It was really, really a passion project for me. And I was aware of women’s position in Hollywood by then. But then, when the movie came out and I saw the reaction women had, it was night and day: completely different from anything that had ever happened before, you know?” the Beetlejuice star once explained to The Guardian in an interview. “Women wanted to really talk about how it impacted on them. They’d tell me, ‘This is what I thought, this is who I saw it with, this is how many times I’ve seen it, this is how it really changed my marriage.’ Sometimes I’d even hear, ‘My friend and I took a road trip and acted out your trip.’ I’m like, ‘I hope the good parts?’”

Geena Davis Susan Sarandon

“That really struck me, and it made me realize how few opportunities there are to feel inspired by the female characters we watch. That changed everything for me,” Geena continued.

Geena also recalled just how much of an impact Susan had on her while filming. “Every day on set, I was just learning how to be more myself, you know? Just because she was such a role model to me,” she told the outlet. Aww!

“I saw this as ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ that was women and trucks and kind of a cowboy movie,” the Stepmom costar told The Los Angeles Times of the film. “I was really excited to work with [director Ridley Scott] and Geena, and it was funny — and we did a little work on the script to make it more specific — and we were busy doing that and enjoying Utah, which is where we filmed it.”

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