There’s nothing quite as satisfyingly fascinating as reporting on what it means to break royal protocol. Christen your child in the afternoon instead of the morning? You’re breaking royal protocol. Wearing a conservative lace dress? You’re breaking royal protocol! But this time, actress Susan Sarandon kicked things up a notch and truly threw the royal rule book out the window in a bid to meet Queen Elizabeth.

According to People, Susan, 71, was attending the Royal Windsor Cup polo match on Sunday, June 24 when she thought it’d be fun to go say hello to the Queen. As she excitedly approached the 92-year-old Queen, she bent down to shake her hand — something that we may think is endearing, but apparently is a big no-no for the British royals. Despite the Queen giving the Academy Award-winning star her signature smile upon meeting her, royal protocol states that guests should wait to be introduced to Queen Elizabeth before speaking to her, let alone shaking her hand.

queen elizabeth susan sarandon

Hilariously, Prince Philip, 97, didn’t seem to recognize Susan at first at the polo match. As reported by the UK’s Daily Express, the Duke of Edinburgh leaned across his wife, Queen Elizabeth, to get a better look at the star, who stood out at the event in her chic low-cut frock and bright-red sandals. Speaking of Prince Philip, the retired royal has clearly missed being on the events’ circuit; Philip was seen leaning in and chatting sweetly to his wife, smiling from ear to ear as he watched the day’s proceedings play out. There’s nothing like a bit of (unintentional) Prince Philip comedic relief to break what could’ve been a royally awkward situation!

Maybe it’s an actress thing, but newly minted royal Meghan Markle is no stranger from breaking the rules either. The “proud” feminist recently caused a welcome stir by breaking protocol at her very own royal wedding within 24 hours of saying “I Do” to Prince Harry. Her crime? Addressing her guests at her wedding reception as, apparently, this is an act reserved for the men in the wedding party (archaic, but true).

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This post was written by Ellie McDonald. It originally appeared on our sister site, Now to Love.

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