Since undergoing heart surgery two years ago, Susan Lucci is happy to report that her health “has been wonderful. I have to remind myself that I had something going on,” the actress told Closer exclusively at the American Heart Association’s Red Dress Collection Concert on January 31. Susan, who had two stent procedures to open up blocked arteries (the first was in 2018), never considered herself at risk for heart disease.

That’s why the lifelong health-and-fitness buff wants women to pay attention to their bodies — and symptoms. “We mostly say to ourselves, ‘Oh, it’ll go away. I’ll just wait and see. I’m too busy,’ because we, as women, take care of our partner, our children, our careers, our homes, and we are not on our own to-do list,” says Susan, 77, who makes time for the things she loves. “I do Pilates and dance. And I have [a project] I’m just beginning, but I can’t talk about it yet,” she teases. “But I will, believe me!”