While Sir Paul McCartney was gearing up for a big show in Liverpool, England, thieves were gearing up to burglarize his mansion in London.

According to the Daily Mail, the 76-year-old Beatles star had his £10million ($12.5 million) home almost broken into. Police were called to Paul’s home and a Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed that officers responded to a break-in at 6: 20 pm on Friday, Dec. 7. “We attended and identified signs of forced entry,” the spokesman said. Unfortunately, the thieves were long gone before cops arrived. And this was quite the bold crime as Paul’s mansion is surrounded by cameras and high walls. Paul’s spokesperson did not confirm if Paul or his wife, Nancy Shevell, 59, were on the property when the thieves hit.

Paul and Nancy
Getty Images

A neighbor of Paul’s also confirmed police were at his residence, telling the Daily Mail, “There were blue flashing lights and police everywhere — four or five cars. All the lights were on in the house. The police were all over it.” Another local told the outlet, “[Paul] walks around without a bodyguard, chats with people, walks in the park but he does get people hanging around. The house has got cameras all over it, so I don’t know how they got in. It must be worrying. After what happened to John Lennon, you’ve got to be pretty bloody careful.”

Paul still went ahead with the UK leg of his Freshen Up tour just days later as on Dec. 12 he played 38 songs for a crowd in his hometown of Liverpool, which goes to show you that nothing will stop good old Paul from performing for people who probably spent thousands of dollars to stand next to other crazed fans.

But as far as the investigation goes, the Metropolitan Police say that no arrests have been made and their inquiries continue.