Known for his stern exterior and withering critiques on America’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell seems to have at least one soft spot: his four-year-old son, Eric, who Simon hopes will have a role in the family business when he grows up. But Eric Cowell better not have any ideas later on that he can just take this job for granted. He’s going to have to earn it. But that shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows Simon!

“I would do with him what my dad did. I would have him start as an intern, learn the job,” Simon, who is the executive producer and judge of AGT, told Extra. “But the idea that one day he could be doing this or something similar, I would love that.”

simon cowell and eric cowell

Simon even said that he gets motivation from anticipating Eric’s future takeovers. “I actually think it’s probably the best incentive I’ve ever had to keep everything running as well as I possibly can over the next few years,” Simon explained.

Simon’s girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, gave birth to Eric in February 2014, and he’s practically become Simon’s best friend ever since. “Eric’s old enough now to be my buddy. We talk to each other all the time,” he said. “We’re friends and he’s fun to be around…He actually cracks me up — he can really, really make me laugh, because we have a very similar sense of humor!”


There’s one surprising thing Eric does that amuses even Simon, the perfectionist. “Eating with his mouth open. It cracks me up. It makes me laugh,” he shared. Now that’s true love.

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