Anyone who has ever been in the public eye knows that criticism comes with the territory.

But with the internet giving anyone the ability to voice their opinions, more and more stars have vowed to stay away from blogs and public forums because of their infamously negative language.

While country singer Sheryl Crow rarely reads online comments about herself, she shares that she did stumble across one particular comment that made her weep.

"I had a song come out – it was in reference to a Hank Williams tribute record – and somebody blogged that it sounded like someone being raped in an open field," explains Sheryl.

"It was so heinous. I sobbed. I never read that stuff, but I happened to catch that one thing. And I sobbed – and it wasn't even what he said. It was the hatred," says the 51-year-old.

"And we've given everybody the opportunity to have an anonymous platform. We've given them momentum – and a community with which to associate," the singer tells British magazine Seven.

"It used to be that if you were like that, you might be an outsider. Now everybody has found their people – who are haters."