Back in May 2017, Shannen Doherty revealed the exciting news that her breast cancer was in remission. Now, almost one year later, the Charmed actress posted an update on Instagram to remind her followers that cancer is a lifelong battle.

“Test and results. One tumor marker test came back good. [The] other… elevated. Just means I get monitored and another test,” she captioned her photo. “But even after that call, I’m staying positive and taking stock of my life. It certainly helps put things in perspective and reminds you of what you learned [through] the cancer journey. And I sometimes need a refresher. As I’ve said before, cancer changes your life in ways no one could ever imagine… [by the way], the elevation can be from all sorts of things. Oh and Vitamin D… need more of that too. #StillACancerSlayer.”

The good news is that this test result doesn’t necessarily mean another cancer diagnosis; the 46-year-old will just have to pay close attention to her health and make sure she goes in for further testing. And on a more positive note, it’s nice to see Shannen looking so happy and healthy. In June 2017, Shannen debuted her beautiful curls, which were finally growing back after she made the heart-wrenching decision to chop off her hair during her cancer treatment. Now, she’s rocking shoulder-length hair, and she looks great!

Shannen’s mom — who was by her daughter’s side through every step of her cancer battle — came along for Shannen’s latest tests and even had her bone density checked too. “Yes, that’s my mom… I figured why not,” she posted on Instagram. “She got bone test done as well. I adore my doctor and all the great people who work there. But not going to lie, there is always anxiety waiting for test results to come back. Reoccurrences happen. And I can’t imagine how it must feel to beat back cancer only to have it return again. For now, I stay positive, stay healthy and do what I can to help promote research so that cancer can be beaten once and for all. I’ll keep you posted on my results. [By the way]… my mom is great!” We hope there’s more good news for the Beverly Hills, 90210 actress in the future, but if something happens, we’re sure the self-proclaimed “cancer slayer” will be ready to kick cancer’s butt again.

This story originally appeared on our sister site, Woman’s World.