The man who “Aaaay!”-ed his way to superstardom as Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli on Happy Days tells Closer Weekly that although he played a sex symbol on camera, he never thought of himself that way.

In fact, before his role as “The Fonz,” Henry Winkler had a tough time with the ladies!

“I didn’t really have great luck with women when I was younger,” Henry admits to Closer. “I was intense, I was insecure, I was probably a pain, actually!”

Which may come as a huge surprise to his adoring fans. When asked what it felt like to be considered a sex symbol, Henry simply responds, “I never thought about it.

henry winkler

Winkler on Happy Days

“Whoever people think I am, I’m still the guy who lived 27 years before this happened,” explains Henry.

“I was not a sex symbol for 26 of those years. The Fonz was the yin to my yang. There was nothing cool about me growing up.”

Happy Days is 40-years-old this year, but that doesn’t bother Henry. “I have a walker that’s all decked out,” he jokes to Closer.

“It tells me…our lives are so quick that you better fill yours up with things to remember. I’m grateful — a lot of men my age are sitting at home praying for the phone to ring and I’m doing five television shows, producing two, writing four more novels,” shares the 68-year-old.

“I’m grateful for being a grandfather, being a dad. And having a full head of hair!”