When Matt Lauer was abruptly fired from Today in late November following sexual harassment allegations, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb were devastated. But little did they know, his departure would make their relationship stronger than ever.

“Savannah and Hoda never thought that they would be this close, but they’ve actually bonded over Matt’s betrayal and departure,” an NBC insider told Life & Style. “They’re still hurt, reeling over the details of Matt’s disgusting behavior. He had to go, and now Savannah and Hoda are better friends because of it — and their show is doing better than it was before. Privately, they’re proud of the success.”

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But despite everything that has happened with Matt, Hoda and Savannah still haven’t stopped talking to him. “They have not cut him off,” an insider revealed. “They are hugely disappointed, but they won’t forget how supportive he’s been of them personally.”

On top of that, Matt has also tried to make amends with Hoda and Savannah. “He has apologized for the position he has put them in,” says a friend. “And he’s offered both of them encouragement.” But Hoda and Savannah don’t see themselves continuing this relationship. “Going forward, they are no longer initiating communication,” a source adds. “It’s just tricky. They have fond feelings toward Matt, but they now know [about his inappropriate behavior]. As women, that’s hard to reconcile.”

But since Matt has left, the two have had a great relationship both on and off the air. “They’ve not only held things together since Matt’s firing but done great work together,” notes a confidant of Savannah and Hoda’s. “They’ve always loved each other, but Savannah and Hoda are spending more time talking when the cameras aren’t rolling than they ever have. Matt’s downfall has forged a deeper friendship between the two.”