Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when it’s your pet whose brought you so much joy over the years. On Tuesday, May 21, Sarah Michelle Gellar took to Instagram to sadly reveal her beloved dog Bella had died after they’ve been inseparable for six years.

“I know that time on this earth is a gift, but sometimes those gifts leave us too soon,” she shared alongside a cute slideshow of her Bernese Mountain pet. “Bella you were truly the sweetest, kindest, most loving dog and friend. And while I don’t think six years with you was nearly enough, I’m grateful to have had you in my life. I love you.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar Dog Bella Died
Michael Simon/Startraksphoto

Sarah’s friends didn’t hesitate to reply to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s heartfelt post. “Oh honey. I’m so sorry 😥,” Reese Witherspoon shared. Debra Messing added, “Oh Sarah I’m so so sorry.” Sarah’s best friend Selma Blair took some time to write a few kind words. “I know how much you love her. She was the dearest. ❤️,” penned the Cruel Intentions star.

Out of all of the lovely comments that Sarah, 42, received about Bella, the actress probably cherished Selma’s response the most. The two have been friends for over two decades and, when Selma revealed she is been battling Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Sarah didn’t hesitate to be right there by her side.

“Maybe her body is not where she’d like it to be at this very moment but it’s not gonna stop her from doing anything,” Sarah recently gushed about her friend to Entertainment Tonight. “This girl just does the school run every morning and [is] out there at birthday parties and is not letting an illness stop her from accomplishing everything and anything.”

We love that these two have been close friends for such a long time!