So sad. After experiencing more than 30 years of showbiz success, Sandra Bullock had recently stepped away from the spotlight to take care of her ailing 93-year-old father, John W. Bullock. However, he sadly died on Tuesday, Sept. 18 after being ill for some time, according to her boyfriend, Bryan Randall.

He took to Instagram on Thursday, Sept. 20 to share a black and white photo of John with the caption, “On September 18th at 10:04 p.m. CST, surrounded by family and friends, John W. Bullock left the building. As a father, grandfather, and WWII veteran, we thank you for your service. PS: Hey God, we’re sending you a live one!”

According to a recent report from Star magazine, John had been bedridden for months at his home in Birmingham, AL. “Sandy absolutely worships her daddy and wants to be there for him in his twilight years,” a source previously revealed. 

sandra bullock father
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After Sandra’s mom, Helga Meyer, sadly passed away from colon cancer 18 years ago, the actress knew how important it was to be there for her dad. “She’s put a lot of projects to the side so that they can spend precious time together, and if that means losing out on some movie roles, then I’m sure her attitude is, so be it,” the insider previously shared. 

“I’m told she’s planning to make this her full-time focus, which will mean ducking out of sight for a while to effectively become his nurse. Her dad comes before anything else,” the source told Star before his passing. 

And now she could be there for the services being that her work schedule has slowed down right now. After the recent release of Ocean’s 8, Sandra allegedly only has one more movie left to promote in the coming months, a thrilled called Bird Box, which she wrapped filming for last winter. 

In another previous interview with Star, Mr. Bullock’s close friend Jimmy Koikos, 79, said he, unfortunately, didn’t think John would “reach 100 [years old].” He added, “He might have a few years [left], but he has around-the-clock care now.” He was unfortunately correct.

sandra bullock father
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When Jimmy visited John’s home weeks before his passing, he revealed that Sandra’s father was using an oxygen tank and “sitting down mostly” in front of the TV. “He’s lived a good life [and] has great family and friends around him,” he continued. 

“[Sandra] comes [to Birmingham] in a huge bus and is very private. She doesn’t want anyone to know she’s in town she visits. She came up to me a while ago, looking like a million dollars and said, ‘Jimmy, I want to say thank you for being so nice to my dad.’ I said, ‘Sandra, your dad is one of the kindest, most thoughtful gentlemen I have ever met.’ John is incredibly proud of her,” Jimmy sweetly shared with the magazine. 

Our thoughts are with Sandra and her family during this extremely difficult time.