We bet Sandra Bullock didn’t know this about her new boyfriend!

The 51-year-old actress has been dating LA-based photographer Bryan Randall for about two months, and disturbing new information surrounding his past has come to light. According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, the 49-year-old had a Temporary Restraining Order filed against him by his neighbor, ** John Stacer**, in 2012.

bryan randall

Bryan Randall (left) with a friend.

John claimed that Bryan smeared dog feces on his door step and threatened him.

“On the evening of 7/26/12 I was walking by and Bryan Randall confronted me about my dog defecating in the front of the building. He was videotaping me and said, ‘Pick up your dog’s s—, a–hole.’ He is a big guy and I was scared to go any closer so I called my dog back toward me and took him upstairs,” John stated.

“I was about to go back outside to pick up the feces when I heard a commotion and my girlfriend came home moments later. She said there was feces spread in our doorway. I cleaned it up and she sent Bryan a message saying it was unacceptable what he did.”

bryan randall 1

Apparently Sandra’s new beau didn’t stop there.

“[Bryan said to me], 10 days from now this will play out differently… he will see another side as soon as my kid is out of state,” John claimed.

“I filed a police report the next morning for criminal threats… I know he has guns and a notoriously erratic temper and I am scared of what he will do next, as his daughter will be gone come Sunday.”

Yikes! The court granted a Temporary Restraining Order, however John’s attempts at making it permanent failed.