Given the success of her Netflix film Bird Box, it’s not really surprising that Sandra Bullock would find herself drawn back to the world of streaming television. What is catching some people off guard, however, is the fact that she is going to not only be producing a new series for Amazon, but that it will be loosely based on her own life — in particular her college years.

The untitled show, which is actually being created by K.C. Perry, will see Sandra joined by fellow executive producers Akiva Goldsman and John Legend. This series, which is going to be a dramedy (one of those comedy/drama hybrids) is described as follows: “A hilarious boundary-crossing, and often soul-wrenching trek through the oppressive cultural norms of the deep south in the 1980s, where one darkly off-beat young woman defies expectations and sets out in search of love, community, and most importantly, an identity of her own. It’s a fantastical, dance-filled journey, traversing the worlds of drag-culture, mental health, and the AIDS epidemic, all while following a group of young outcasts who band together and dare to be themselves, despite the very real danger they face in doing so. It’s a vivid, fun, gut-punch of a story about letting go of shame and living out loud … and some of it’s even true.”


When she made Bird Box, Sandra gave an interview to the Independent, in which she revealed her reasons for doing so: “Movies are not going anywhere. I know they’ve struggled, but the streaming world has elevated the bar. Before, if you were a superhero, you were able to get a movie made; anything else was not getting made. Now, with streaming, we have all kinds of work available, so we can act again. This wonderful business is changing, and providing so many more opportunities for women, and people of color. There’s a great change happening.”

Look for more on this project in the near future.