At age 52, Salma Hayek has still got it! The Ugly Betty star told her fans that she would be leaving London to ring in the New Year “in the sun” when she posted a photo of herself in a large coat via Instagram on Friday, Dec. 28. “Bye bye cold,” she wrote online. Though Salma didn’t say exactly where she was headed, her new vacation pics show that she’s been having the time of her life enjoying the beautiful tropical weather.

Salma posted a couple of steamy snaps of herself playing in the water and meditating, but what really seemed to capture her fans’ attention was that Salma wasn’t wearing any makeup — and she looked gorgeous! “#Nature #Naturaleza,” she captioned one of the makeup-free pics that sent her fans into a frenzy. “Wow! Always captivating…,” one of her followers said. Another wrote, “Natural beauty and timeless!!!!”

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#nature #naturaleza

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Salma credits her ageless beauty to never cleansing her skin in the morning. “My grandmother taught me that at night your skin replenishes all the things you lost during the day. Also, if I cleanse very well at night, why would it be dirty when I wake up?” she revealed in a previous interview with The New York Times.

Her best tip, however, is just to embrace your age and feel comfortable in your own skin. Because of this, Salma hasn’t tried to hide her age by dying the white hair strands out of her hair. “It’s my natural color, and it’s my natural white hairs,” she explained.

Though her stylists would often tell her to cut her hair or change the color, Salma admitted that she likes herself just the way that she is. “I don’t want to spend what’s left of my youth pretending I’m younger and then not enjoying life,” she confessed. Salma is definitely ready for 2019!