Sally Field has been going around promoting her memoir In Pieces, which is doing extremely well. The book touches on everything from Steel Magnolias secrets no one knew, to Sally’s memorable Oscar speech, to even on her relationship with Burt Reynolds, a part of the book Sally is glad that Burt never got to read. But most recently, the actress stopped by New Roads School in Santa Monica, CA in order to discuss many things, including if she sees more acting in her future.

The 72-year-old had this to say when asked what is next for her. “This isn’t my swan song! I didn’t write this book [In Pieces] hoping it was my shuffle off the buffalo! I didn’t mean to make fun of you but everyone laughed so it was worth it!” the Oscar winner said. “No I’m asking myself right now. I’m finding it harder and harder for projects to pull me out of my place to want to go be in that world again. Acting will always be, always be my lifeline,” Sally continued, adding, “I’m profoundly attached to something that I found when I was a kid that allowed me to live. I wouldn’t have survived without this something.”

“This is something that connects me, not to you but ultimately to you, but more than that it was my lifeline to me,” Sally added. “But I will continue to act, I hope please. But like every other actor, I never know. Maybe, maybe not. But I know I found another love. That’s a big thing to me. I found it difficult to find partners who have found love in other things. Certainly my children, my work.”

Sally Field
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Sally was also asked by Closer Weekly if her thoughts about Burt have evolved in writing In Pieces and in his passing. “I don’t know that they’ve evolved since his passing. They’ve evolved over the years,” Sally said. “I hadn’t seen him in 30 years or something. He’s been an important part of my life for very long period of time, but hugely important for what a catalyst he was for me, in a lot of ways.  I think I probably was for him. He was a colorful guy! You’ll have to read the book! Certainly he will always, always, be in my heart besides my history, but definitely my heart.”  

“And selfishly I’m glad he didn’t [read her book], he died four days before the book was released. Four days!,” Sally added. “It’s like fate something, looking at me or him!  It would have hurt him. And I did not ever want to hurt him anymore than I have already if I had, but certainly not anymore than the world had. You know, the press and they would have, they would have loved finding a way to talk to him. He would have talked to them because he couldn’t figure out that that was not a way to communicate to people through the press. Right now I’m not saying anything negative about the press! But celebrity press is a whole different thing!”

Sally Field and Burt Reynolds
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Sally and Burt dated from 1977 to 1982. As for Sally and her acting, it is quite unfortunate to know that there’s a chance she may not do anymore of it in the future. We last saw Sally in the Netflix show Maniac, where she brilliantly played the role of Dr. Greta Mantleray.