We spent a lot of time in the Conner family’s living room in the 90s, which is probably why the most iconic piece of the Roseanne set is the hideous brown couch with a rainbow afghan that so many heartfelt talks took place on. Many fans are excited to see that big ol’ couch again in the reboot, and to those fans: we’re sorry, because that’s not the same couch!

Roseanne Barr and on-screen husband John Goodman stopped by Jimmy Kimmel on March 22 to drop the bombshell that the couch featured in the reboot isn’t the same as the one we grew up watching! “This is a replica, this ain’t the real one,” said Roseanne. “The Smithsonian Institute has the real one and they wanted too much scratch for it,” said John. Apparently ABC’s reboot budget. Roseanne suggested they don’t even need it. “It smells just like butt,” she joked.

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Many iconic sets get donated somewhere. The original Will & Grace set was donated to Emerson College, which is the alma mater of co-creator Max Mutchnick. It sat there for eight years from 2008 until 2016, until Max scooped it back up for the reboot. “That’s how the whole thing got rolling in the first place,” Max told Playbill. “I was in the back of a taxi talking to my husband about a joke I would have written for Will & Grace had the show still be on the air, and my husband kind of said in a cheeky way, ‘Well, we do have the set.’ And it was from there that I called [co-creator/executive producer] David Kohan, And said, ‘Let’s do this.’ And we did.”

Unfortunately, Roseanne had to make it work without that magic, but it sounds like we’ll still get that same nostalgic vibe! The full original cast will return. Even John, and he died at the end of the original! So we can’t wait to see what they’ve done with the place.