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Throwback!See Ron Howard and the Rest of the ‘Happy Days’ Cast Then and Now

Can you believe it’s been more than 40 years since Happy Days premiered? We can’t!

For 11 seasons from 1974 until 1984, fans followed Richie Cunningham, his family, and best friend, “The Fonz” — and we’re still in love with the hit sitcom today!

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In a recent interview, Henry Winkler (who famously portrayed Arthur Fonzarelli) gushed about his time on Happy Days and lasting friendship with co-star Ron Howard (aka Richie).

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The Happy Days cast.

“I knew that wherever my imagination went, he would be there,” the actor once said of working with Ron. “We could memorize a scene, rehearse it, shoot it and improvise it in 20 minutes. As an actor, you felt safe with Ron.”

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It was during Happy Days that Ron first began toying with the idea of becoming a director in addition to an actor. “We chatted about it while we were waiting for a scene. He said, ‘Do you think I could be a good director?'” Henry recalled.

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Ron and Henry on Happy Days.

“I said, ‘Ron, you could probably be a great brain surgeon, if you put your mind to it.’ [He had] confidence and humanity and will and perception, because telling a story is knowing the human condition,” he told Variety back in 2015.

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