Roma Downey recently raved to Closer about her six-year marriage to TV producer Mark Burnett, 53.

“I’m so grateful for Mark’s love and to have him in my life,” the Touched by an Angel star says. “We are the best of friends.”

But that’s not all! Roma, who met Mark in a Los Angeles salon, adds the two also share “faith, the same values and a sense of humor.”

That’s a big plus since they run Lightworkers Media, the company they co-created to produce everything from the History Channel’s The Bible miniseries to their upcoming film Son of God.

“We’ve had the good pleasure of working together for almost five years,” boasts Roma, 53. “And we often joke that the real miracle is that we are still speaking to each other!”

roma downey

Roma & Mark with her daughter and his two sons in 2004