There's no question that former Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar knows how to rock out on stage!

But the 66-year-old also has a sensitive side! It turns out "The Red Rocker" loves to gush about wife of 17 years Kari.

Hagar tells Closer that the best day of his life was when he met his second wife.

"I met Kari on my friend's birthday, two days before my birthday. She came to a party that I was invited to," shares the father-of-four.

"I met her and we kind of, you know, saw each other again and again and after about the third time we just stayed together."

So what drew the curly-haired singer to his true love? Her toes!

"She had on these shoes, her toes were showing and she has the most beautiful long cheeto toes you’ve ever seen, I just wanted to eat those man!" the musician jokes to Closer. "I saw her feet and thought, 'wow she’s beautiful.'"

But Hagar makes sure to clarify, "Sounds crazy, and I don’t have a foot fetish or anything like that, but it was that night."