Though they seemed to be happily married for three years before his death, Robin Williams‘ wife, Susan Schneider, may have been trying to distance the late actor from his family in the final months of his life.

“Susan initially presented herself one way and she says one thing and it turns out to be completely different. That in and of itself revealed deceitful orientation — and that theme of deceit carried on through the final year of their marriage,” a source close to Robin’s children said of Susan, 50, in a new report.

robin williams and wife

Robin and Susan in November 2011.

When Robin married his third wife in October 2011, his children, sons Zak, 32, and Cody, 23, and daughter Zelda, 25, from previous relationships, reportedly supported the union because they wanted their father to be happy.

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“They seemed like they really loved one another… but slowly [the kids] all got shut off,” the insider added.

When Robin — who committed suicide at age 63 on Aug. 11, 2014 — was diagnosed with an early stage of Parkinson’s disease shortly before his death, Susan allegedly wanted her stepchildren out of her husband’s life so she could begin taking full control of decisions related to his health.

robin williams' kids

Zak, Zelda and Cody Williams in October 2014.

“Things came to light that Susan wanted to basically put Robin away, like in a facility, where she would have absolute control and they would never see him. She is a callous, cold woman,” the source continued.

“She wouldn’t even let the kids see him on his birthday,” the insider told Radar Online. “[Robin] felt he married to someone whose motives went beyond love.”

In March, Susan went to court with Robin’s children because of a dispute over the late comedian’s estate. Legal documents filed in December 2014 stated Susan asserted some of Robin’s personal items were wrongly taken from the California home they shared without her permission following his death.

The actor’s daughter, Zelda, vehemently denied these claims and assured she and her siblings did not take anything from the home, though they were legally entitled to their father’s “clothing, jewelry and personal photos” upon his passing. The court proceedings for this case are set to resume next month.