Comedian Rob Schneider has his hands full with a jam-packed schedule — starring in four movies (one he had to learn Spanish for), doing standup for his comedy tour and writing a book.

“I am grateful to be this busy at my age,” he exclusively tells Closer. “I just did a show at the beautiful M Resort in Las Vegas which was great. There are so many performers in town that people have the option to see – it’s such a vibrant place for live performance. They can buy tickets to Rod Stewart, there’s all the Cirque du Soleil shows and Jay Leno‘s here. So, if I can sell out here, which I did, that’s a big accomplishment.”

Recently turning 60, Schneider has embraced his mortality in a tender way, acknowledging the fragility of life.

“It’s all temporary. You gotta find something you enjoy doing every day and do it.”

Even with so much on his plate, Schneider also makes time to perform with one of his best friends for 30 years, Adam Sandler, on his comedy tour as well.

“It’s so hilarious with Adam! He’s a special talent. A special dude. We’ve done a lot of things together, many movies, television, standup. We started out together and then we did Saturday Night Live. But performing in front of a stadium is different — that’s 13,000-15,000 people which is wild! It’s great because now you have the parents who saw our movies when they were kids, and now they got kids! Love to see all the generations there.”

Both Schneider and Sandler filmed movies with their children this year. Sandler recently starred in Netflix’s You Are So Not Invited to My Bar Mitzvah, with his daughters, Sunny and Sadie. And Schneider has Amazon’s Daddy Daughter Trip, with his 10-year-old daughter, Miranda, coming out on December 5th.

Rob Schneider smiles
M Resort

Schneider was thrilled to see his daughter act onscreen. “This was the first thing Miranda has ever done! She really wanted to do it. And it took us so long to make the movie that by the time we were doing it, she was old enough to be the lead! She’s really a natural. It was really wonderful and it’s going to be a good memory for her when she gets older.”

Nevertheless, Schneider doesn’t want Miranda to rush into a Hollywood career. “I think it’s just too much pressure for child actors. To not get a role and have to deal with rejection, that’s rough. She knew she was gonna be in this movie, which was great. But I wouldn’t want her to audition for something and not get it and feel like there’s something that she’s lacking. It’s a tough business.”

John Cleese from Monty Python is in Daddy Daughter Trip, as well as Jackie Sandler, Adam Sandler’s wife, who was also in The Wrong Missy with Schneider and was in Bar Mitzvah.

Schneider is also one of the voices in the animated film for Netflix, Leo, where Sandler plays the turtle in a first grade classroom.

“I find animated roles are interesting. They show you the early stuff about your character, but you have to imagine what it looks like and it’s pretty much just like acting, but it’s usually alone. There’s more specific direction. But I really like live action movies more, they are a lot more fun.”

Another unique experience for Schneider was Amor es Amor, a Paramount Plus movie he had to learn a new language for!

“This is the only film I’ve ever done in Spanish! It’s about a ‘90s soap opera star who’s gay, and gets into an accident and forgets he’s gay. It’s a crazy, goofy comedy written by my wife. We had such a great time filming it, I really enjoyed the experience.”