In an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly—on newsstands now—Raquel Welch’s ex-husband Andre Weinfeld opens about their life together.

“We had a very happy marriage,” Andre, who married Raquel in 1980, tells Closer.

At the time, the French filmmaker’s plain looks led the press to dub him and Raquel as “Beauty and the Beast.”

raquel welch and andre weinfeld

Raquel and Andre in 1988.

“I was the sex symbol in the couple!” Andre jokes. After 10 years, geography drove the happy couple apart. “She moved back to La La Land and I stayed in New York [City] and Paris.”

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Nevertheless, Andre boasts to Closer that having stayed married to Raquel for 10 years makes him “the champion.”

raquel welch

Raquel in April 1964.

“Today, Hollywood marriages last three months and that’s considered long,” he adds.

Andre tells Closer that he has no hard feelings toward Raquel, but notes, “She promised me she would sail into the sunset, and I can see she hasn’t. She married after me.”

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