She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s… a comedian? As it turns out, Queen Elizabeth is quite the jokesmith, albeit on rare occasions. Fortunately for us, one of the Queen’s cheeky moments was recently caught on camera and we can’t stop laughing out loud at the video. The best part? The butt of her joke was none other than Donald Trump himself.

Her clever quip was captured in a clip from The Queen’s Green Planet, an environmental documentary following The Queen’s Canopy, a project set forth by Queen Elizabeth to protect forests around the world. At one point during the documentary, the 91-year-old monarch is discussing her love of nature with Sir David Attenborough. The two are having a lovely time, when suddenly, a loud noise interrupts them as several helicopters begin to circle above. She retorts, almost immediately, “Sounds like President Trump… or President Obama.” See the clip below!

Even when taking a crack at US politicos, the Queen remained as poised as ever. Surely, that part doesn’t surprise anyone! According to People, the rest of the documentary included a few more laughable moments. Such as when Sir David Attenborough spotted a bent sapling, and commented, “it doesn’t seem to be doing very well.” To which the Queen chuckled, “Are you sure that’s meant to be like that? Somebody sat on it I think at a garden party.”

It’s beyond charming to see the Queen let loose and have a laugh. Between watching a royal wedding unfold and saving the world’s population of trees, the woman deserves some comedic relief, even if she’s the one making the jokes. The Queen’s Green Planet is set to air on ITV in the UK on April 16.

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