Every time we think Queen Elizabeth couldn’t get any more likeable, we’re quickly proven wrong! On Friday, July 27, a video was shared on the foyal family’s official Instagram account of the Royal Logistic Corps band playing “Dancing Queen” outside Buckingham Palace, seemingly proving that the Queen is an ABBA fan! 

“Can you guess this tune? #BuckinghamPalace #FridayFeeling,” the royal account captioned the fun video. “Many thanks to The Band of The Royal Logistic Corp for this beautiful rendition!”

After the video was posted, some royal fans quoted “Dancing Queen” lyrics in the comments section and others noted how much the Queen appears to loves pop music. “I’ve heard that ‘Dancing Queen’ is one of the Queen’s favorite pop songs. I’d love to know if it’s true… I hope so,” one user wrote. Interestingly, one of Queen Elizabeth’s cousins, Lady Elizabeth Anson, did once reveal that the monarch likes to listen to a wide variety of music, including showtunes. 

“The Queen loves the theatre and musicals like Showboat, Oklahoma!, and Annie Get Your Gun. These were the tunes that remained in one’s head and were very danceable to. The Queen is a fantastic dancer. She’s got great rhythm,” Lady Elizabeth previously shared in the Our Queen: 90 Musical Years documentary. “We did a lot of singing at Kensington Palace. Nobody thought it was odd after dinner if we put on a record and all sang ‘The Lambeth Walk,’ so music has always been part of her life.”

(photo credit: getty images)
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Now that Prince Harry‘s wife, Meghan Markle, is a royal, she probably gets to spend a lot of time with the Queen and we can only imagine how exciting Queen Elizabeth’s parties must become after she starts dancing to a couple of songs with her family. A dinner party with the Queen singing nothing but ABBA music? Count us in! 

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