Who knew that the Property Brothers are good at singing? Drew Scott and his twin brother Jonathan Scott are best known for their HGTV home improvement reality TV series, but that’s not the only talent they’re hiding up their sleeves! Drew and Jonathan are also musicians and singers, and while they’ve been open about their love of country music in the past, many fans might not remember that the twins are country music artists, too.

Drew and Jonathan’s musical side project is called The Scott Brothers and they made their debut as a country music duo back in 2015 during the special Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch. HGTV cameras followed the twins back to their hometown of Alberta, Canada for a special renovation project.


“We grew up on a ranch, spending almost every other day sitting around a campfire, strumming songs on the guitar, singing songs with our parents,” Drew told Entertainment Tonight at the time. “This past year, we were shooting Property Brothers: At Home on The Ranch, where we went back to our roots to renovate a friend’s property in the Rockies.”

While they were filming, Drew and Jonathan were chatting with a producer and a singer-songwriter from Nashville and they were inspired to write a song about their home as a tribute, which is how their song “Hold On” came about. Drew actually played guitar on the song and both of the brothers sang on the vocal track.

For their second single, the twins decided to go with something more upbeat, which is how party song “Let the Night Shine In” came about. Both songs are available for download on iTunes and the music videos are featured on The Scott Brothers’ YouTube page.

It would take nearly two years for The Scott Brothers to released another song, and this time they decided to record a cover instead of writing their own original music. Back in January, the brothers released a country-fied version of Flo Rida’s 2016 hit “My House,” featuring country singer Eric Paslay. Even though their latest single was just a cover song, fans can expect to hear more original songs from the Property Brothers stars.

“We love writing, collaborating with other artists,” they told ET. “We’re filming Property Brothers in Nashville in March, and we’re actually going to be there for five months. So we’re definitely looking into working with some other artists and writing some original music.” Watch the video below for more facts about Drew and Jonathan!