Ever since Princess Charlotte joined the royal family back in May 2015, people have been noticing how much the three-year-old looks like her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth. But after new photos of Charlotte at Prince Louis’ christening recently hit the internet, many royal fans now think Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s daughter greatly resembles her late grandmother, Princess Diana.

When the Instagram royal fan account @loveprincessdiana posted a side-by-side photo of Charlotte and Diana at similar ages with the caption, “Princess Charlotte has Diana’s eyes,” people just couldn’t get over how much the two look alike.

princess diana princess charlotte

Diana (left) and Charlotte (right).

“Oh, Princess Charlotte is so like her Grandma Princess Diana… She is so beautiful,” @meandh1 commented on the pic. Another fan, @ashraf_bee, similarly added, “She has Lady Di’s jaw structure and bone structure as well.”

“Look at the lips in both of these pictures. Those are almost identical,” @julielachi970 chimed in. Now that Charlotte has moved out of her baby phase, the little girl definitely has the same cute pursed lips and button nose as her famous grandmother.

queen elizabeth princess charlotte
Getty Images; Instagram

The Queen (left) and Charlotte (right).

Of course, Cambridge experts have also been comparing Charlotte to the Queen for years. “She’s a Queen Elizabeth mini me,” @athirathemoon commented with @fotogrl echoing, “She looks sooo much like the Queen.” Other people have noted that Charlotte resembles the Queen’s late sister, Princess Margaret, and even Margaret’s daughter, Lady Sarah Chatto.

The @loveprincessdiana Instagram account also compared a baby photo of Prince Louis to his older brother, Prince George, at the same age and royal fans agreed that the two boys look totally similar. “They definitely look alike,” @elissarose49 commented on the image with @aniawojciechowski adding, “Yes they both look like Kate!”

prince george prince louis

George (left) and Louis (right).

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