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Prince William and Kate Middleton Had a Very Star-Studded Guest List at Their Royal Wedding

When Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot on April 29, 2011, the event was (needless to say) the wedding of the year. With more than 1,900 people invited to the couple’s royal wedding, it’s no surprise that a bunch of celebrities made the guest list. So, which famous folks specifically managed to score a coveted seat in Westminster Abbey?

david victoria beckham joss stone royal wedding getty images

David and Victoria (left) and Joss (right).

British A-listers David Beckham and Victoria Beckham attended the event and were perhaps the most talked-about guests at the royal wedding. At the time, Victoria was expecting the couple’s fourth child, daughter Harper Beckham. In an interview after the nuptials, David joked about his spouse needing to sit near the Westminster Abbey bathroom during the ceremony.

“My wife was eight months pregnant and she was worried where we were going to be sitting. She needed to be as close to the restroom as possible in case she needed to go. But when we got there, we had perfect seats, she was able to see William and Kate while being five paces away from the restroom,” he told The Mirror. How funny!

Another one of Kate and William’s famous wedding guests, Joss Stone, also spoke out about attending the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s big day. “I had a lovely time, it was chilly in [the Abbey], but it was good. I just went in, sat down, tried to be on my best behavior. I was very happy to be there. It was like being part of a fairytale,” the singer said in July 2011. “I had a really weird lunch with lovely people, but I didn’t know any of them. So, after the church, I ended up getting totally [drunk] with like ten people I’d never met before in my whole life. It was brilliant.” Scroll down to see which other celebs were invited to Kate and William’s royal wedding!

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