It’s safe to say Prince William and Kate Middleton won’t be giving their third royal child any of these baby names. On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the late night talk show host aired another segment of “Lie Witness News,” this time featuring a “reporter” interviewing people on Hollywood Boulevard about the name the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose for their baby. Even though Kate has yet to give birth, and the royal family hasn’t confirmed a name, fans were quick to believe the soon-to-be parents-of-three had actually chosen one of these ridiculous monikers for their newest prince or princess.

The first fake name was the lengthy “Treacle T. Winterbottom,” and one woman thought it was great. “I think that Treacle T is a good way to be! Baby T!” she exclaimed. Another girl believed that the couple had actually decided to go with Thomas — but used a doughnut emoji in place of the letter “o.” She justified it with, “Maybe [they did it] to seem more hip since Meghan Markle’s about to marry Prince Harry. So that could be it, trying to mix it up a bit.”

Other silly names included, “Vermouth McGillicutty,” “Dumbledore Cumberbatch,” and “Humperdinck Patchybottom.” When asked how people were reacting to the latter name, one man had only good things to say. “I think it’s a beautiful reaction. It’s a new life and it’s coming into the world, it’s a beautiful thing. They love it, it’s a real British, real cultural name,” he said.

kate middleton and prince william getty images

William and Kate with baby George.

While these clearly made up names won’t be chosen for their bundle of joy, there are some rumored names that are reportedly favorites. “[Princess] Mary would make for a classic choice and suit perfectly with Prince George and Princess Charlotte,” Now to Love previously reported. “The moniker is also one of The Queen’s middle names and throughout history, there have been two Queen Marys to take to the British throne.” Other top choices for a girl include Alice and Victoria. If the royal baby is a boy, on the other hand, Henry, Arthur, Frederick, Albert, Philip, and James are all in the running. Luckily, with Kate’s due date nearly upon us, the world only has to wait a short while longer before finding out what the royal couple will choose to name their third child!

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