Kids will be kids — whether they are royalty or not. Twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella proved that to be true when the adorable toddlers dropped their toys off the balcony at the National Day of Monaco celebrations in Monte Carlo on Nov. 19.

The three-year-old prince and princess were standing on the Prince’s Palace of Monaco balcony alongside their mother, Princess Charlene, and their father, Prince Albert II. The family-of-four was waving to the crowd when things started to go askew.

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Everything was fine and dandy until Albert, 60, left the balcony to review the troops during the ceremony. All of a sudden, the orange balloon that Gabriella was seen entertaining herself with the entire morning slipped from her hands and fell to the courtyard below.

Considering the celebration was live-streamed from beginning to end, Gabriella’s expression as the balloon drifted away from her hands was one that deserves to be on a loop. The little blondie conveyed concern and shock, but the toy calamity was resolved when the balloon was brought under control by a minister of the state — or so we thought.

When it was time to cheers as National Day came to an end, the crowds began to come forward towards the palace while shouting “hip hip hooray.” Jacques’ toy soldier suddenly descended out of his hand and off the balcony. At first, Jacques and Gabriella seemed panicked when the toy initially dropped, but moments later, the brother and sister duo seemed unphased when they begin blowing kisses and offering waves.

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Even though Gabriella lost her balloon and Jacques lost his action figure, the two seemed entertained throughout the celebrations. “Princess Jacques and Princess Gabriella are just coming to the right age now,” an insider said to People. “They have this delight in things. They’re able now to participate in the pageantry. Clearly, they enjoyed themselves today.”

The National Day of Monaco, also known as The Sovereign Prince’s Day, is celebrated on Nov. 19. The day of celebrations is traditionally chosen by the reigning Prince and is honored with fireworks and a mass in the St. Nicholas Cathedral.

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