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Too Funny!See What Prince Harry Looks Like With a Full Beard

Not all men can pull off both a full beard and a clean shave. But as for Prince Harry? He’s proven time and time again that he can pull off any look! We can never get tired of that classic ginger scruff, but while we do enjoy seeing his facial hair, we’re curious to know just how different he would look with a variety of beards! And we’re not talking about subtle changes here. We’re talking huge beards and goatees with whiskers!

Unfortunately for Harry, he’ll probably never grow a full beard since Queen Elizabeth reportedly does not like them, which would explain why his facial hair never lasts too long.

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“[The Queen] doesn’t mind royal men growing beards when they are away in the Armed Forces or out in the wilds like Harry was in the Antarctic, but she expects them to be clean-shaven when they get home,” an insider said.

We guess these Photoshopped pics of Prince Harry are the closest we’re going to get to seeing him with major facial hair…

Check out the gallery to see funny photos of Prince Harry with different beards!